4-year long distance relationship comes to an end

How did we begin?

Our not-so-romantic long distance relationship started on February 10, 2014. That time, we’re 10,311 km away from each other. He’s living in Germany and I’m in the Philippines, literally crossing the whole globe.

During those years, we spent a lot of time with each other through Skype and WhatsApp at times (if he’s away home because of work). Our communication remained active for almost four years. In between those times, everything happened so fast.

We chatted in February. Then, we started to like each other and he proposed for marriage the next month. Although we didn’t meet yet, I said yes. And for me, it was the best decision I’ve ever done in my life.

It took us long time to meet personally, making everything real between us because of a lot of hindrances blocking our way. Finances, especially. However, we still didn’t give in to the fact it’s going uncertain though we’re really sure of where this relationship heads to.

After surviving the most struggling years of our lives, we finally met on October 17, 2017. See? Long distance relationship works!


This is the reason of creating this site.

We want to share our experiences to you, from our ups and downs as well as tips to manage the whole LDR. This will serve as your guide through the entire process of making a strong bond with your partner and feel like it’s still a romantic relationship although you’re living on the other side of the world.

Including the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental package you need to prepare as you go along with long distance relationship, we’ll also give pieces of advice through our personal accounts and how we made it possible without compromising the foundation we have build through the years.


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